To do and not to do list

To do list:

- Finish my assignment before tonight.
- Register for next trimester classes.
- Register at the Gemeente.
- Call DUO to get a new DigiD phone number.
- Pass by Career services office at T5-36.
- Prepare a good looking, cute and sexy CV.
- Finish reading MA book.
- Go see my mother who just came back from holidays.
- Solve OV-chipkaart problem.
- Get rid of my cold.
- Get the charger for my lap-top now.
- Wake up at 8, go to bed at midnight.

Do not list:

- Get drunk.
- Smoke anything.
- Watch useless non funny Tv-shows just because you find one of the main female character hot.
- Write a useless message on this blog.
- Make a list to long because you know that you won't be able to manage everything that's on there and by doing so you are also procrastinating which you should not do.
- Procrastinate.
- Talk about the relation between procrastination and the name of your blog, because it is a waste time and no one will ever understand it.
- Think about a last thing that you should not do.
- Steal a Car.
- Do it again.
- Rob a bank.
- Think it's funny.
- Click on publish this article because it does make any sense.

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